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Key Ingredients for “Baking” a Delicious Blog

You’ve heard the saying, “When you know better, you do better“.  I’ve been writing my blog posts and building my readership for quite some time.  Rules change…people change…search engines and social media change. The beginning of my blogging days look much different than they do today.  They’ve evolved to a level that interests the likes […]


How to Promote Your Business on Pinterest

How to Promote Your Business on Pinterest When I was a teenager, I would clip pictures of my favorite teen idol, clothing, sayings and other graphics out of magazines.  They would then be taped to my closet doors so I could look at them any time I wanted.  When my friends came over, they would […]


Blogging and Building a Business of Integrity

Blogging and Building a Business of Integrity A blog post is an article of our thoughts, opinions and sharing of knowledge and experiences.  Two things happened recently that made me wonder how many blogs are building a business of integrity and how many bloggers are hiding behind their keyboards. One event was the death of […]


How to Get Your Happy Clients to Spread the Word About You

 Get Your Clients to Spread the Word About You We’ve all heard it said that it’s easier to keep a happy client than to lose an unhappy one.  The unfortunate truth is that unhappy people are more likely to spread their ill feelings about something or someone (whether justified or not).  Here’s a few excellent […]


How to Have an Endless Supply of Blog Topics

How many times have you heard (or said yourself), “I just don’t have enough time to write” or “I don’t know what to write about“?  If you’re writing your own blog posts (and not using the services of a ghostwriter), how long is it between your posts; a few days, a week, several weeks, a […]


Fluff or Function? What Does Your Website Really Need?

Do you know what’s effective on your website and what’s overkill? Do you know what features and functions your audience responds to and what turns them away? Your goal is to provide a great user experience. Unfortunately, not all websites are created equal and knowing what’s fluff and what’s function could mean the difference between […]

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