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A smart business person needs to be like a sponge, taking every opportunity to learn about the latest trends and opportunities to help their business.  That’s why I’ve put together this library of free tutorials.

Select the topic of your choice below to browse our library of  free “how to” video tutorials:

  • Where to Run a PPC CampaignThere are several places to run a PPC (pay per click) campaign.  This video provides information about six different platforms; what they have to offer, the ease of setting each one up, cost involved, etc.




  • 7 Essential Tips for Getting Your YouTube Video Seen – You can really get noticed on YouTube by promoting videos on a regular basis and optimize to a targeted audience. Learn how to create effective videos, where to post them and how to optimize them. You’ll enjoy more online exposure and people will know who to call when they need your services.




  • Social Media Lead Generation Tips – Social media is the granddaddy of all networking opportunities. This free tutorial video gives you a checklist for turning social media into a lead generating tool.



  • Creative Video Marketing – Using video tutorial as part of your business marketing plan is a smart choice.  Find out why it’s so important and how you can use it to promote your business, getting more leads and online exposure.



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